Thursday, March 15, 2007


I was at one of my new favorite places, Tonic in Mount Pleasant, on Tuesday with a few friends. It seemed the perfect place for a few of us who live in and around the neighborhood to catch up, and to watch the first game of March Madness. They do half-price burgers during happy hour until 7pm on Tuesdays, but we all didn't arrive until 7:30ish, but no matter, wasn't planning on doing a burger anyhow. For a neighborhood type bar, the menu actually is fairly extensive. I love that they have a cute little wine list as well as a Hummus Plate as an appetizer and sides that include Steamed Spinach, and when you order a burger or certain sandwhiches you have a choice of around eight cheeses including Brie and Gouda. I enjoyed the Tempranillo on offering by the glass, which was nice, Steph had a Woodchuck cider (not my favorite kind though - I only really enjoy the Granny Smith variety for its tartness), Amy had her usual light but tasty beer and others had other types of beer and soda. I ordered the Cobb Salad with the bleu cheese dressing on the side. The portion was large and the spinach and crisp Romaine lettuce was super fresh. It also came with bleu cheese crumbles, diced tomato, sliced red onion, chopped boiled egg and nice and large bacon bits. The grilled chicken was missing at first (and as a result I got my meal for free!), but when it did arrive it was a heaping plate of two huge breasts. It was a delicious and hearty yet light meal. One friend got the Portobello Sandwich which comes with Gouda cheese on wheat bread. It got raves. Everyone else got one of the variety of burgers which also come with Tater Tots that actually are not really greasy at all. After dining at Tonic I really do think it is a perfect little neighborhood bar.

3155 Mount Pleasant Street in NW DC

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Minngrown said...

I've long enjoyed the neighborhood feel and food at Tonic, but a recent visit has left me wondering if I'll return. Their new menu leaves much to be desired. Portions are small and not particularly tasty. I was looking forward to their meaty pulled pork sandwich, but with the menu changes you now get three mini-sandwiches that are all bread and little meat or flavor. And their gniocchi squash pasta dish was so small it should've been labeled a tapas--and the squash was undercooked. The manager and the wait staff were laxidasical and seemed uninterested in make things right again. Definitely disappointing.