Sunday, March 25, 2007


After watching some exciting March Madness action yesterday, we were more than a bit hungry and decided to do Ethiopian for dinner. I love Etete so we popped in to what was quite a bustling evening for the restaurant. There was a table of about 20 or so folks celebrating some sort of occasion, but were lucky and got the last available table right away. Etete actually has a cute albeit small wine list and we each ordered a glass of Pinot Noir. Perfect - light and fruity. We ordered one of the veggie platters (a must do when eating Ethiopian) which comes with Yemisir Wat (slit red lintel cooked in Ethiopian red pepper sauce, meten shiro, oil, onion sauteed together), Yeataklit Wat (fresh green, carrot, potato, green pepper and onion sauteed with garlic, ginger and tomato), Yekik Alicha (a dip of delicately spiced cooked legumes), Gomen (fresh green, carrot, potatoe, green pepper and onion sauteed with garlic, ginger and tomato), Tegabino Shiro (Mitin Shiro, oil and onion sauteed together), and Azifa (choppen onion, green pepper, garlic, lentil, lemon juice mixed with Ethiopian mustard). We added Doro Wat (chicken leg seasoned with onion, garlic, fresh ginger, hot pepper, cooked and simmered with berbere sauce and served with hard boiled eggs) and Yefem Tibs (charcoal broiled sliced prime tender beef marinated in white wine and rosemary, with a touch of garlic and black pepper). Of course everything comes with injera as well. No need to add much more, but yum - what a perfect way to end a fun day. Definitely pop into Etete if you are curious about Ethiopian cuisine, or for no reason at all.

1942 9th Street in NW DC

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Sonadora said...

Sound delicious! Thanks for the heads-up!