Monday, March 12, 2007

DC International Wine and Food Festival

Just a quick note regarding the DC International Wine and Food Festival, which took place at the Ronald Reagan Building downtown this past weekend. Certainly imbibing and spending time in a fun venue with friends is a great way to spend a weekend day or two, but I think the organizers can do better next year. Saturday's showcase was sold out, and I think everyone who bought at ticket showed up as it was quite crowded and a bit warm temperature-wise. The wine selection was great, with over 280 wineries in attendance, and a nice representation as far as Old World and New World goes. Not surprisingly, my favorites were the wineries from the Pacific Northwest (Sonoma not Napa in California), and also pretty much any spot that offered sliced cheese since, even though "Food" is in the name of the event, there essentially wasn't much to be found. All in all I think it is definitely an event worth spending time at and patronizing, but I think there are a few steps that easily could be taken to vastly improve the experience of attendees.

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