Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Friends and I gathered for a Paso Robles wine tasting at Jury's in Arlington on Tuesday. There was a lovely selection of about 30 wineries and lots of yummy red wine. I am usually not a Zinfandel fan, but the region really does produce some great ones. I also enjoyed several amazing blends and Syrahs. J. Lohr, L'Aventure and Robert Hall were hands down favorites. There was some nice cheese and finger food, including crab cakes and seared tuna with aoili and mushrooms in phyllo dough, on hand as well. Even better, we befriended one of the wine reps and he offered to take us to Morton's for dinner afterwards, on his account. Hmm, not a tough decision. It was a gorgeous and very warm evening, so upon arriving at Morton's we decided to dine on their outdoor patio. We started with a nice bottle of Pinot Noir, to keep the evening going and all. I ordered the lobster and a side of sauteed mushrooms - absolutely gorgeous, really. Mark, Lee, Kristin and the rest of the table ordered one of the amazing steak offerings, and for the table we went for sides of spinach, sauteed potatoes and mashes potatoes. Ahhh, so good. It ended up being a very late and somewhat crazy Tuesday, but a great time was had by all.

1050 Connecticut Avenue in NW DC

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Oh boy that was a fun night. Lots of great wine was enjoyed. :-)