Thursday, July 19, 2007

Great Wine Deals In The DC Area

Dining out is an enjoyable pasttime for most, but if you can do it more often and not overspend all the better. If you enjoy wine with your meals, that often can be the big ticket item on the bill. To that end, hopefully the list of wine deals in the area will be of use. Enjoy...

Great Wine Deals In and Around DC
Cafe Deluxe - Half-price bottles on Monday nights.
Caucus Room - Free corkage on Friday and Saturday nights.
Chef Geoff's - Half-price bottles on Monday nights.
Boulevard Woodgrill - half price bottles on Monday nights with purchase of an entree.
Iota - Half-price bottles and glasses on Monday night till 10pm.
Lavandou - Free corkage Monday and Tuesday nights.
Little Fountain Cafe - Half-price bottles on Wednesday nights.
Melrose Bar - Free corkage on Sunday nights.
Olazzo - Half-price bottles on Monday nights.
Peacock Cafe - Half-price bottles of wine under $60 on Monday andTuesday nights.
Skewers on P Street in Dupont - Half-price bottles on Monday nights.
Cafe Luna (below Skewers) - Half-price bottles on Tuesday nights.
Teatro Goldoni - Half-price bottles on weekdays until 7:30pm.
Rosemary's Thyme - Half-price bottles every day from 5pm (4pm on weekends) until 7:30pm.
Meze in Adams Morgan - Half-price bottles on Tuesday nights.
La Tasca - Half-price bottles on Sunday nights.
The Reef - Half-price bottles on Wednesdays with purchase of an entree and not available at the bar or on the roofdeck.
Sorisso - Half-price merlot on Monday.
Top of the Hill - Half-price bottles on Saturday nights.
Whitlows on Wilson - Half-price bottles on Wednesdays until 9pm.
Dino - Currently no corkage fee Mondays through Wednesdays.
Cafe Saint-Ex - $4 wine by the glass from 4 to 7pm on weekdays.
Piola - $3 wine by the glass from 4 to 8pm on weekdays.
Viridian - $5 house wines from 5 to 7pm on weekdays and all night on Tuesdays.
David Greggory - $4.75 house wines from 4:30 to 9:30pm on weekdays (4:30 to 6:30 on their patio).
Vidalia - Complimentary wine tasting, usually hosted by their esteemed sommelier, from 5 to 7pm on weekdays.
Bistro L'Epic - Complimentary wine tasting Tuesday evenings in the upstairs bar until 7pm.
Jack's Bar and Grill in Dupont - Half-price wine by the bottle on Thursday nights.
Lebanese Taverna - Half-price wine by the bottle on Monday nights.
Vapiano - Happy hour 7 days a week until 8pm with specials including $2.50 house wine by the glass.


Sonadora said...

Great round-up Leah! I also like the Lebanese Taverna for half price bottles on Mondays :)

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