Thursday, February 1, 2007

Wine Club Happy Hour

On Tuesday evening the wine club I am part of met for a winter happy hour at David Greggory. Tuesday is a great day to go to David Greggory, as they do happy hour until 10pm, so most folks have time after work to enjoy the friendly prices. The restaurant has a nice wine list in general, though it is a bit pricey. But, for happy hour, they offer a house white, sparkling and red for $4.75, and the selections vary but usually are good. Almost everyone opted for the red on Tuesday, which was a nice Grenache from Spain. The texture was soft and the flavor was fruity, almost a little jammy even, and well-balanced. The white was a Chardonnay, and the sparking was a Cava, which is sparking wine from Spain, and my friend Megan said her glass was delicious as well as a nice, full pour. (Megan does an amazing blog by the way called Wanna Be Wino, definitely check it out). For happy hour, David Greggory also offers snacks such as pizza, calamari, and chicken wings, each for $5, and friendly prices on beer, sangria and mixed drinks. The pizza is delicious and features a zesty pesto sauce and crispy crust which is topped with herbs, tomatoes, mushrooms and a nice, strong cheese. I sampled my friend Trish's wings and they were golden, juicy and delicious and had a bit of an Asian style flavor. The blue cheese dip they come with is tasty too. Frank sampled the calamari which was well-cooked but had a little too much breading for my taste. The calamari is served with a trio of dips - a roasted red pepper aioli, a tartar-like sauce, and a mignotette. The aioli was really tasty and the richness went well with the crispy squid. Lisa had smoked chicken empanadas, which were crispy and flavorful, but I couldn't detect much chicken - the filling was mostly well-seasoned black beans. The empanadas come with guacamole and pico de gallo. All in all a fun weekday outing for a nice price too.

David Greggory
2030 M Street in NW DC


Sonadora said...

Very fun event, thanks so much for organizing it and including me! I hope we do another one soon. Though, I must sheepishly admit that I realized upon arriving at work on Wednesday that I spent all my cash at the bar. I ad to dig around for quarters to get a bottle of water. Oops!

Lisa said...

I made the blog again! I agree with you about the empanadas. They were tasty but the chicken did seem to be m.i.a. Next time I will go with the pizza.

allan said...

Sounds like a lot of fun, sorry I missed it.