Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fat Tuesday at Mezza Luna

Mezza Luna doesn't really have anything to do with New Orleans or Mardi Gras in so far as cuisine or anything else goes, but they had a Fat Tuesday happy hour, so a few friends and I gathered there yesterday evening. The space is more like that of a club than a bar - just a few high tables, dim lighting and sparse decor - but it wasn't too crowded when I arrived so I was happy to get a little area to reserve for later. The happy hour menu has several food options, all for $4, as well as $4 house wines and rail drinks. I ordered a glass of the house Merlot which was totally fine - well-balanced and nothing really stood out, which is what I hope for in a house wine. I also ordered Hummus and Pita Wedges, which actually was quite good. The hummus was thick and rich and topped with diced tomatoes and chopped roasted garlic. The pita wedges were thin and grilled nicely. Janet and Mer had not eaten all day so they finished up the hummus and most of the pita, and joined me in enjoying the house red wine. Soon Sharon, Patrick, Lisa and Lisa's friend Matt all had arrived. We attempted to order the Spanish Omelette and Pork Croquettes, but unfortunately they were out of both items. They did have the Calamari, which was crispy and tasty but had much too much breading for my taste. It came with a nicely herbed marinara sauce which I enjoyed. I also should add that Sharon showed up with about 30 extremely intricate and ornate beads around her neck, and it was fun listening to her share stories from being at the "real deal" in New Orleans several years ago. We actually all had a good time and the bill was fairly sweet thanks to the happy hour prices. If you are in the area, the hummus and $4 house wine selection is worth popping into Mezza Luna for.

Mezza Luna
1140 19th Street in NW DC

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Sonadora said...

I'm sorry I missed it, sounds like fun! Much better than a drive home from CT!