Thursday, March 4, 2010

Making Up for Lost Time...With Interest!

Feel like you have been trapped in the house forever? Between the record snows, the driving winds, and the lovely, lovely freezing rain, no surprise you are way behind on your tasty eats and tastier cocktails? Not to fear, DC restaurants, lounges, and bars miss you too, and this week they are offering great deals to help you make up for some of those lost happy hours and dinner's out.

First, The Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington ( is offering a diverse bunch of deals at over 100 restaurants on lunch, dinner, drinks, and the kitchen sink with Restaurants "Unleashed" Week ongoing through March 7. Highlights include a $38 3-course Alsatian feast at Cafe du Parc, $10 for a Margherita pizza and a glass of wine at happy hour, 19$ lunch/29$ dinner with wine specials at Sei and Oya, $40 Tuscan tasting menu--complete w/ Chianti at Potenza, 20% of your check or a free bottle of Prosecco at Urbana, and a 32$ chef's tasting menu at Zola.

Unleashed is also casting the spotlight on what appear to be some new ongoing deals including a new 4-6:30pm "Rush Hour" at Ris in the West End and Monday night three- course, prix-fixe at Ceiba, Acadiana and their siblings with run of just about all their offerings.

Looking for a pre- or post-dinner cocktail? Yelp is bringing us Yelp Drinks, also through March 7, featuring half price specialty drinks at a raft of nifty cocktail spots. Good from open until close, everyday through Sunday, grab a blueberry caprioska at Bens Next Door, half price Sangria pitchers at Hudson, Whiskey Rebellion at Policy, Alisar at CoCoSala. I don't actually know what that last one is--but I will. These and several other moderately-to-seriously-fab destinations are each offering three (or more) choices on what are ordinarily some pretty pricy cocktails. So drink up--how many Saturday nights behind are you? Cheers!

Restaurants Unleashed Week:
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