Monday, February 15, 2010

Agwa de Maria

Right before Snowpocalypse II, we got some samples of AGWA de Bolivia, a coca leaf liqueur made in Amsterdam. I've brought the (legal and non-narcotic) Mate de Coca from Peru through customs, and it has always been good for anecdotical value (ICE Agents being more understanding than one would expect).

I'm no chemist, but the company states that the plants are grown in Bolivia and then the leaves are taken to Amsterdam to be de-cocanized, macerated, and turned into a spirit. Drinking it straight reminds me of those herb liqueurs my grandfather enjoyed as digestifs, and the color beckons back to Midori. The nose is mostly citrus, and the herbal component is bright and clean. While we enjoyed it with champagne, as the press kit suggested, Maria made the best of her postponed housewarming and came up with her own creation:

4oz Agwa de Bolivia
6oz Vodka
Juice of 2 blood oranges
3oz Trader Joes Sparkling Pomegranate
1oz sparkling water
shake with ice, and pour,
top with champagne to taste

For those of us who prefer gin to vodka, Agwa should be a good, sligthly more flavorful, fit. Seek out and enjoy!

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