Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Brunch at Clyde's

For Father's Day this year, we went to Clyde's in Gallery Place. Certainly not anywhere overly special, but they do a really great brunch and we wanted to go somewhere that had a raw bar menu. I enjoyed a dozen Wellfleet oysters with my Dad. They were small to medium in size and were gorgeously briny - really had that "taste of the ocean" flavor I enjoy. I noted verbally that the menu included Fried Chicken and Waffles, and once my Dad saw the item listed his mind was made up as far as what to order. The dish comes with two large pieces of fried chicken, which were coated with a rich, golden brown and crispy coating, and served atop two large waffles and along side little cups of sweet butter and maple syrup. The combination of maple syrup and fried chicken is dynamite. A great combination of sweet and savory flavors and smooth and crunchy textures all at once. My brother had the Reuben Sandwich which he had with french fries (you also can order fruit or a side salad). The rye bread was toasted nicely and the Russian dressing went really well with the thick layers of the salty and pungent meat. We had a really nice meal and I think all were glad we were able to be together for the special day.

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