Sunday, May 13, 2007

Axis Bar and Grill on U Street

Friends and I met for drinks and dinner at Axis Bar and Grill on U Street last night before heading to a party in the neighborhood. Axis has around 10 beers on tap as well as a full bar and a somewhat limited but really nice wine list. The ambiance is relaxed and neighborhoody but somehow classy too. The lighting is dim and the long, large bar features dark, oak-colored wood and has heavy mirrors behind it as well as two flat-screen tv's to keep patrons company as needed. Louise and I had their Pinot Grigio, which was crisp, light and refreshing. Tory had the Pinot Noir which was rich and purple in color and well-balanced and fruity to the palate. The food menu is well-rounded and included a nice selection of appetizers, meat and fish dishes and a bar menu with inexpensive smaller plates. We shared Grilled Portobello Mushrooms with Caramelized Onions and Blue Cheese. The mushrooms were delicious and the combination of the earthy mushrooms, tangy blue cheese and sweet caramelized onions is gorgeous. A side salad comes with the dish as well. Louise had the Chicken Wrap from the bar menu which is a real deal at $6. The flour tortilla wraps are large and are filled with chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and herbs, and are served with a nice side salad. I had the Caesar Salad which came with a nice amount of shaved Parmesan cheese and the dressing was nice and tangy. I think the croutons could have been a bit more hearty but otherwise the salad was really nice. Tory had the Duck which looked gorgeous and was served with a generous helping of the jus along side mashed potatoes and sauteed snow peas and carrots. More friends arrived throughout the evening and we enjoyed the wine, company and the pleasant and comfortable surroundings around us. Axis is a great neighborhood spot and one you are encouraged to relax a while and linger in. Added bonus, Rob the bartender will be sure you have a fun evening if he is around.

Axis Bar and Grill
1340 U Street in NW DC

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