Tuesday, January 12, 2010

... and we're back

I'll be the first to admit that a blog that isn't updated isn't much fun - the whole point of desktop publishing is staying current, and I've seen way too many go to limbo without explanation, a conversation stopped mid-sentence.

Excuses, we have more than a few: International travel; The ease and expediency of Twitter; Illness; Dishes at family meals that defied any attempt at rational description; Crunch time at our respective offices; DVD box sets; Games won and lost. We love food, and enjoy sharing our experiences and reactions to the considerable work put into the meals we enjoy by professionals and enthusiasts. Alas, urgent is often at odds with important.

It is fitting that we return on this, the Foodie High Holiday. We're hitting Art & Soul, 701, Rasika, Hook, Fishers & Farmers, and West End Bistro (to start).

If you need more suggestions, our friends at the Kimpton restaurants are doing lots of things, including
Firefly: lunch and dinner. The restaurant is offering about 75% of its regular menu; Jackson 20: brunch, lunch and dinner. The restaurant is serving their full menus at both lunch and dinner; Poste: lunch and dinner. In addition to the RW menus, there will also be a wine flight pairing menu available (at both lunch and dinner) for an additional $11.01 The Grille @ Morrison House: dinner (they do not open for lunch. Urbana: all day brunch/lunch and dinner. They are also offering their full menus with supplemental charges on a few items, and extending the offering through the 24th of January.

And if you are over food by next week, Brabbo is having a fortified wine class on January 19th, featuring sherry, port, Muscat and Madeira, paired with small bites, the class is $35 per person, runs from 6 to 7 pm. For more information, contact Martina Buenaventura 571-482-3308.

Looking forward to frequent updates in 2010!

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Hush said...

'Foodie High Holiday' - brilliant.

I've started an underground Indian restaurant called HUSH near U Street that I wanted to share with you all. We'd love to have you as our guest.