Sunday, November 2, 2008

Market Morning

I am not exactly a morning person (which explains, at least partially, my love for Brunch) but there are a few things that will get me out bed early on a Sunday - calls from several time zones away, half-price airfare, and beautiful produce.

With its convenient hours (9 AM to 1 PM), central location (between Massachusetts Avenue and Q Street, by the Dupont North Metro Station), creative petitioners (The WHO Farm was there today, upside down bus and all), interesting gimmicks (live music, giant paellaeras) marvelous people watching and a great and wide selection, the Dupont Circle Farmer's Market is my favorite one in DC-proper.

I enjoy dawdling in the market and never take a shopping list, but always find myself making the following required stops:

1. Bonaparte Breads - great baguettes, croissants and other French specialties. Their cherry lattices and almond croissants are not to be missed.

2. Blue Ridge Dairy - wonderful Greek style-yogurt. I especially like their honey one.

3. The nameless mushroom stand. Fantastic mushrooms and helpful suggestions on how to pair them. The $10 sampler is a great way to deviate from the regular button, portobello and crimini.

4. Clear Spring Creamery - their milk from grass-fed cows is great, but it is the ready-made smoothies (with seasonal offerings, including pumpkin spice) and their chocolate milk will make your inner child happy (it will also keep you from sharing it with actual children).

5. Gardener's Gourmet - a wide selection of heirloom varieties of vegetables and herbs. Their fresh basil looks as if it had been hand-picked.

Most of the vendors come from Pennsylvania, Maryland and Northern Virginia and there are many organic options for aroundthe same price you would pay at Whole Foods if not a bit cheaper. The lighting is also much better for food ogling (the peppers, above, were in the Market a few weeks ago). Enjoy the last bit of good weather, bring your reusable bags and make a morning out of it.

Dupont Circle Farmer's Market
500 block of 20th Street, NW

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