Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Just like its sister property in Dupont Circle, the Hotel Palomar in Arlington has committed its public spaces to arts and wine, bringing warmth and life to what could otherwise have been just another hotel lobby overlooking the high rises on the Virginia side of Key Bridge. Last Monday, Australian wine makers took over the spacious lounge, and patrons could sample reds and whites. Though the phrase "wine and cheese" is often maligned, particularly for those of us who still have fresh memories of grad school entertaining, the fresh figs, grapes, prosciutto, peppered ham, salami, gorgonzola, goat cheese (kept wonderfully replenished by Domaso staff, who took the time to unfurl practically every piece), would make anyone reconsider. The muted tones of the lounge furniture were a great contrast to the vibrant colors of their art pieces (permanent as well as special exhibit for the evening) and light fixtures, and the couches are roomy enough to fit a gaggle of friends.

I sampled every wine at the event, and my favorite was West Cape Howe Two Steps Shiraz Viognier, from their Southern Range. Shiraz has long been the grape of choice for Australian wines and this mix features viognier, a white grape originally from the Rhone region in France. A peppery wine, with a subtle oak aroma, with berry flavors that make the palate soft and juicy. A wonderful wine at a great price (20.99 USD)

I bought my bottle at Domasoteca, a specialty store located at ground level, stacks the bottles upon a glass and steel cellar - a veritable library that, more than sell bottles, invites patrons to find new and different ways to experience all the possibilities grapes have to offer, without breaking the bank. Since you're already dare to meditate on the life and times of wine bottles that came from all over to find you in Virginia, you might want to partake on the chocolates and cheese. Domasoteca's kind and speedy staff will cheerfully ring you up, making sure you leave with a quip or two about the bottle you are taking with you.

Domasoteca at Hotel Palomar - Arlington
1121 North 19th Street
Arlington, VA 22209
Tel: 703.351.1211

West Cape Howe Wines

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