Friday, September 28, 2007

Veritas Wine Bar in Dupont

I had the pleasure of stopping by Veritas, a new wine bar in Dupont, this week. The location is on the corner of Connecticut and Florida Streets, just around the corner from The Russia House. It's almost like entering a bit of a hideaway as the space is right at street level and just a little hidden. When you walk in you feel like you are transported a bit, with the very dim lighting, prevalence of candlelight on each table and swirling wine glasses all about. The decor is minimalist, and there are virtually no wall adornments which yields a very noisy sound level, despite the small size of the space. The bar seats about 8 and there are around 10 tables, which each seat 4. The wine list is nice, albeit somewhat expensive with the least-expensive by-the-glass offering coming in at $9. There is also a cheese and charcuterie menu to compliment the libations. We ordered a bottle of José Pariente Verdejo from Rueda, Spain, 2006. The nose was of citrus and the wine was refreshing and very clean on the palate. We also did the 3 cheeses for $11, and chose a Gouda, Humboldt Fog Bleu and a Manchego. The Gouda was especially creamy and nutty, and each actually worked with the wine as the acidity cut the richness of the cheese quite nicely. Others had the Melville Estate Syrah from Santa Rita Hills, California, 2005. The wine was slightly tannic yet still smooth on the finish and rich and fruity in flavor. A really nice selection. Veritas is great for exploring regions and grape varities and offers several flight options and a decent by-the-glass selections. The vibe is hip and fun. Just have to work on that noise level. Pop by when you can though - it's a great way to start or end an evening for sure.

2031 Florida Avenue in NW DC

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