Monday, September 24, 2007

Our Daily Bread

The Belgian chain recently opened its DC outpost on M street in Georgetown, across the street from the Four Seasons Hotel, taking over the space of the long-suffering Au Pied Bistro. There are plenty of items on the menu, including omelets made with real butter, muffins and yogurt parfaits for breakfast and salads, quiche and soups for lunch and dinner, with cakes and pastries for after (or instead of). This is what La Madeleine wishes it could be. There are two floors that have the famous communal tables with waiter service, as well as a counter with polite and courteous staff that can tell the baked goods apart, and even make some recommendations. The restaurant also features a garden court which makes it pretty perfect for breakfast in this weather.

I'd advise newcomers to order the Bakers' Basket, which has slices of the signature breads, both sweet and savory. Every table has spreads, pralines and jams. To make it a more complete breakfast, order a side of prosciutto or smoked salmon - easily split between two people. Once you figure out your favorite bread (the one featuring sunflower seeds and an oatmeal crust is mine), branch out to the other menu items. An interesting (albeit a bit too precious) detail is that coffee is served in saucers. Spreads can be bought in the pantry section of the restaurant.

I was there this morning for a pit stop before my commute and conducted my croissant test - it passed muster with flying colors (with high marks for crust, flakiness, smell and color) for pennies more than La Madeleine. A great addition to M street.

Le Pain Quotidien - Bakery and Communal Table

2815 M Street, NW Washington DC 20007


Golden Silence said...

This is near where I work and I always wanted to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

me! said...

mmmmmok hungry now & determined to check it out for breakfast this week.
so is their coffee more starbucks tasting or more delicious?