Monday, April 23, 2007

Sunday in Virginia Wine Country

Ahh, what a perfect day out for wine country. Yesterday the wine club visited Breaux Vineyards, a 404 acre estate with over 85 acres planted in 16 different grape varieties. Nestled between the hills in Purcelville, VA, the vineyard plantings extend up the Short Hill Mountain. Long vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains can be enjoyed from the tasting room, Patio Madeleine and our landscaped terraces. On a warm and sunny day, it really was picturesque. The group was about 20 or so folks and with the hot sun we were lucky to score a gazebo in front of the winery. Allan and I did the tasting which is $5 and you get 12 wines. I actually wasn't a huge fan of any of the wines, but did enjoy the Lafayette which is 85 percent Cabernet Franc and 15 percent Merlot, as well as the Breaux Jolie Blond which is a blend made mostly of Seyval. The Lafayette was a little on the peppery side for my palate, but Allan and several others really enjoyed it. Luckily one of the club members joined the Breaux Cellar Club which enables you to purchase some of the wines that are part of the Library Collection, and we were thus all able to sample the Meritage which actually was really nice. We relaxed and enjoyed the wine and the surroundings along with fruits, cheeses and meats and all had a really nice time. Long story but I got to check out the Rio Grande in Reston at the end of the night - fun spot for sure.

Breaux Vineyards
36888 Breaux Vineyards Lane in Purcelville, VA

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Dezel said...

Hello Friend,

I was out touring Loudoun Wine Country that day myself so must have just missed you guys. I thought the Merlot was the best selection from the regular tasting, but definitely agree with you on the Meritage overall.

The setting is one of beauty, especially on a day like today. Did you all get to meet with the cute little winery dog? I believe he is a new rescue from New Orleans. : )

Happy Sipping!


PS...I will have to read through your page - I never visit DC, but looks like some nice eating spots reside there.