Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Proof, A New Wine Bar and Restaurant In DC

Some members of the wine club went to the new wine bar Proof last night. Located in the heart of Gallery Place on G Street, the space isn't much from the outside, but when you enter you are greeted with a minimalist and modern vibe with clean lines, white walls with little decor, largely tiled flooring and hues of medium-toned wood throughout. The bar area is just to your left and it seats around 10 and there are a couple of booths to relax on as well. The dining room is somewhat cozy and probably seats no more than about 100. Above the bar are several flat screen televisions which showcase portraits of various figures, new (such as Hilary Clinton) and old (George Washington), which actually seems a bit strange given the modern ambiance and the fact that they hang just above the cooling apparatus for all of the wines offered by the glass. The wine list is fairly extensive and there are around 30 options by the glass available in three pours (two, six, and eight and a half ounces) and claims of a 4,000-bottle wine cellar and champagne trolley. I found the options to be appealing generally, and enjoyed the Spanish Rioja I opted for throughout the evening, but I didn't see anything under $9 a glass and even in this day and age that seems a bit pricey. The group generally enjoyed the place and several folks ordered the cheese plate to snack on. The portions are small but the cheeses are beautiful and are paired with flatbread and jellied currants. Other menu options include small and large plates with options like tuna tartare, risotto, and mussel chowder. The food agenda is to hook the going-out crowd with the promise of an eventual late-night menu (grilled cheese, scrambled eggs). I would recommend stopping by for a glass of wine to check the space out, but be ready to pay a bit for the experience.

775 G Street in NW DC


MM said...

The portraits flash above the bar because the Portrait Gallery is across the street. We thought it was strange too until we figured out why they were there, then it was pretty cool.

Had an incredible meal there about 2 weeks ago. Tasting menu with wine pairings were phenomenal.

Anonymous said...

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