Sunday, January 7, 2007

Fabulous Foodie

In case you aren't familiar with Nigella Lawson, wanted to point out her show on the Food Network, "Nigella Feasts," which airs on Sundays at 1pm eastern time. I first started watching her years ago when she had a show on BBC. Her recipes are fabulous, and I find the pleasure she takes in cooking and eating infectious. She also has written a few great cookbooks, including "How To Be A Domestic Goddess," and she writes a column in The New York Times. She did a few healthy and absolutely gorgeous dishes on the show that aired today, including citrus yogurt, antioxidant fruit salad, Vietnamese shrimp and noodle salad, and baby spinach, avocado and pumpkin seed salad.
A link to more information and recipes is below.

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