Wednesday, October 8, 2008


CJ & JC, Peruvians Extraordinaire, had their housewarming this weekend. In a Pan-Latin American gathering, Pisco Sours are always a hit. This is the recipe we've perfected over the years for party-sized batches:

3 parts Pisco
I prefer Peruvian, and Quebranta grape is best for mixing. Santiago Queirolo and Gran Cruz are good brands

2 parts sugar
White - may also be substituted for Splenda for Baking

1 part lime juice
Fresh squeezed is best, but a lime mixer will also work. Rose's is a bit too sweet, but many liquor stores carry more than one brand

2 egg whites
Pasteurized egg whites are best to ease fears and qualms about raw eggs

Ice for Blending
Cinnamon for garnish

In a blender, grind the ice and add the pisco. Bring the blender down to whip and add the lime juice. If your blender allows it, keep it going while you add the sugar from the top. Once everything is mixed, add the egg whites to froth. Pour immediately into highball or tall, narrow glasses. Sprinkle cinnamon on top.

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